Brondesbury NW2

Astonworld Ltd is proud to be the main contractor for a transformative project converting a large house into high-quality accommodation for post-graduate arts students. The project is featured in the RIBA London 22 Directory, showcasing architectural innovation globally for 12 months. Shortlisted for the Architects’ Journal Retrofit Awards 2021 and recognized by Dezeen, the project emphasizes excellence.

Situated in the Mapesbury Conservation Area, North London, the house underwent significant refurbishment, remodeling, and extension. The goal was to provide exceptional accommodation, fostering community among students while respecting individual space needs.

The main house boasts seven spacious student rooms with en-suite bathrooms, complemented by generous shared living areas. A mezzanine workspace allows flexibility for private or shared work, enhancing both privacy and social interaction. Internal windows and changes in levels connect seamlessly to the newly landscaped garden and terrace.

This project showcases Astonworld Ltd’s commitment to excellence and innovation in construction, creating spaces that elevate living and working environments.

The rear garden of the converted house features a distinctive Opera Rehearsal Room, purpose-built for post-graduate students to refine their skills in a unique and acoustically optimized space. The design of the room is characterized by a rectangular volume, where opposing corners are creatively pulled down to form a diagonal fold across the roof. This simple yet effective geometric manipulation results in an asymmetric internal space, carefully crafted to enhance the acoustics for opera rehearsal and recording.

To achieve the desired acoustics, expressed internal timber Glulam frames have been utilized. Glulam, known for its superior strength compared to standard solid timber, offers advantages such as fewer natural defects and a broader distribution. Remarkably, it boasts strength comparable to steel while being significantly lighter.

Externally, the design incorporates bronze panels and fins that elegantly wrap the roof and walls. This not only enhances the aesthetics of the structure but also contributes to the acoustical considerations. The bays established by the expressed timber glulam frames are skillfully highlighted externally through these bronze elements.

This purpose-built Opera Rehearsal Room represents a fusion of architectural innovation and functionality. The careful consideration of acoustics, the use of advanced materials like glulam, and the incorporation of visually striking elements showcase a commitment to creating a specialized space that meets the unique needs of the post-graduate students in their pursuit of artistic excellence.

The transformation captured in the photos highlights the success of this project, now a modern, state-of-the-art property. It serves as a conducive environment for post-graduate students to enhance and nurture their abilities. The Amar-Frances Foster-Jenkins Trust, a charitable organization, generously provides bursaries and accommodation for talented post-graduate students in both the Arts and Sciences. The newly renovated property stands as a testament to the trust’s commitment to supporting and fostering the growth of aspiring individuals in various fields.

Project Stats

  • 14 Months completion
  • Completed on time & within budget
  • Full time team of 12
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