Rehearsal Room NW2

Bravura House stands as a testament to high-quality post-graduate student accommodation provided by the Amar-Franses & Foster-Jenkins Trust. This remarkable space is the result of transforming a detached Arts & Crafts house in the Mapesbury Conservation Area of NW London. The primary objective was to go beyond the often sterile and cramped conditions associated with typical student accommodation.


Simultaneously, the transformation was carefully designed to honor the individual space requirements of each post-graduate student. This dual objective aimed to strike a harmonious balance, recognizing the importance of personal space for focused study and relaxation.

The result is a thoughtfully curated space that goes beyond the conventional student accommodation model. Bravura House stands as a testament to the Amar-Franses & Foster-Jenkins Trust’s commitment to providing a living experience that not only meets the functional demands of post-graduate life but also enhances the overall quality of their stay, creating a conducive and inspiring environment for academic and personal growth.

Project Stats

  • 6 Months completion
  • Completed on time & within budget
  • Full time team of 5
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